Zakandia Outpost is the area after Ruins of Draconian. It connects to Zakandia and Tarintus.

NPC List Edit

NPC Location
Albert 80, 73
Lukai 60, 78
Sherpia 58, 99
Dania 67, 95
Preier 164, 175
Vancloudia 93, 441
Pama Satron 444, 60

Monster List Edit

Monster Level
Abandoned Gnoll 15
Goblin 17
Goblin Warrior 18
Goblin Archer 18
Goblin Escort 19
Goblin Cheiftain 17
Killmoulis 17
Las 18
Cluricaune 19
Goblin King 18
Red Skin Leopard 17
Brown Bear 16
Black Bear 16

Quests Edit

Region Map Edit

Zakandia Outpost

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