Wings Edit

Wings are an accessory used to "fly". In fly, we mean hover above the ground making your speed faster.

You get it when you reach level 24. You receive a quest from Farouk in Alker Harbor to find him some floating stones. After this quest is completed and turned in, he sends you to talk to four NPCs (You get to choice which one) for another quest. Depending on the npc you talk to, you get different kinds of wings.

Now then, which NPC will give you what? This is what I have so far:

1.) Talking to Boucheron will give you an airship. The quest is to get 10 thin steel plates from mimics.

2.) Talking to Piellanshar will get you Balloons. The quest is to get 3 mimic spirits.

3.) Celerian, the family manager, will give you white wings. Her quest is to find 2 eyebat wings.

4.) Tierre will be the one to give you black wings. The quest is to get 15 zombie bones.

(Note: If you do not want to see them, I suggest going into your options and, in the gfx tab, checking "Back - Equip". They will then disappear and make it look as though you're floating on your own.) thumb|300px|right|Flying with black wings.