Wind Breaking is a dagger-only AoE. It has a chance to inflict bleeding on those it strikes. At first it tends to be useless as rogues tend to have low health and aggroing multiple enemies is certain death. But later or with the help of a healer it can dispatch many enemies effectively.

Level Damage Bleed Damage Bleed Chance Bleed Duration Range Recharge Time MP SP Gold
1 4.5m
2 166 81/s 71% 4.1s 4.5m 6.3s 32
3 177 96/s 73% 4.2s 4.5m 6.3s 33 3 2,800
4 188 112/s 74% 4.3s 4.5m 6.3s 35 4 4,000
5 199 127/s 76% 4.4s 4.5m 6.3s 36

  • Ruffians can learn Wind Breaking up to Level 5.

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