Vital statistics
Starting NPC Tasartia (Materials Merchant)
Ending NPC Celerian
Prerequisites Prerequisites
Required Level 1
Location Alker Harbor
Rewards 377 EXP
Quest Chain
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Hmm...Are you always alone? "Isn't it better to be with other people than by yourself? You'll probably be able to feel a new excitement if you have companion. Go to Celerian, the Family manager. She will tell you stories that will help you. <Visit Celerian>

"You will be able to find Celerian if you walk along the wide road to my right."

Going to see CelerianEdit

You should go see Celerian, The Family Manager in Alker Harbor.


Gain 377 EXP.


"Did Tasartia tell you about me? Oh I see. It's probably about the Family, right? Family literally means family. The members do not have to be blood-related to form a Family. They can just be friends. There are various benefits that you may see if you're part of a family, but the best is that you are given the chance to take care of a Farm with your family. How do you find it? Are you interested?" <Ask about the creation of Family>

"If you want to form a Family, you must create one through me. However, you must not take it too easily. It's something you don't want to make a haste of, for you will be taking in people that will be the most precious beings in the world to you."


Quest Completed

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