Warlocks are the Tier 4 mage class of choice for players wishing to deal large amounts of damage to multiple targets at once. Especially effective in groups with tanks, warlocks have multiple area-of-effect spells to mow down numerous foes at once. Warlocks also have access to crowd control spells such as stun and freeze.


Burning Fire 20 - A large AOE that creates a ring of fire around the user.

Chill Breeze 20 - A 1 on 1 skill that can freeze an enemy.

Envenom 20 - DOT dmg

Bloodstream 5 - Switch hp into mp (low amount of hp/ high amount of mp)

Wind Strike 20 - A 1 on 1 skill that uses wind to pierce an enemy.

Fire Blast 10 - A 1 on 1 skill that uses fire to attack an enemy.

Blizzard 10 - An AOE that is able to freeze enemies.

Lightning Stun 10 - A 1 on 1 skill that uses powerful lightning to stun an enemy.

Fire Bursting 10

Meteor 10 - A powerful AOE that uses meteors to attack a group of enemies.

Arctic Shock 10

Venom Cloud 10

Spell Craft 5 - A passive buff that increases Magic Attack.

Intelligence 5 - An active buff that increases Intelligence.

Mana Aura 3

Reinforce Wisdom 8 - A buff that increases Wisdom.

Blessing Mage 8

Work In Progress

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