Vital statistics
Starting NPC Celerian (Family Manager)
Ending NPC
Required Level 2-3?
Location Alker Harbor
Rewards 930 Gold, 1228 EXP, Cat's Cotton Robe, Return Scroll: Alker Harbor
Quest Chain
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"Have you met Rien?
She must be having a hard time working in the investigation team because of the numerous monsters.
Do you think you can help her?
Please get rid of the Fungus Rooks and Crying Flowers.
It will be much help to Rien." <Accept the quest.>

"Destroy 10 each of Fungus Rook and Crying Flower at the Gate of Alker."

Plucking the Fungus RookEdit

You should defeat 10 Fungus Rooks at the northern region of Alker.

Pesticide for the Crying FlowerEdit

You should defeat 10 Crying Flowers at the northern region of Alker.


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