Voyager is a bow-using Rogue. You become a

A voyager

Voyager by going to the Rogue Union Trainer in Alker Harbor when your Rogue Character reaches level 20. Accept the Voyager Job Change quest from her then after completion you will become a Voyager.

Voyagers specialize in bow techniques, but can still use a Dagger by choice. This is the recommended Job Upgrade for Elves who have a better talent at archery.


  • Hamstring Long range speed de-buff complementing deter-up speed de-buff and knock back for a more efficient one on one kiting strategies.
  • Long range makes for an effective attack


  • Slow attack speed is problematic when dealing with multiple targets at close range

Skills Edit

Power Shot 10

Needle Shot 10

Hamstring 5

Piercing Shot 5

Blindside 2

Zephyr 2

Quick Move 3

Team Evasion 4

Blessing Rogue 4