Female vamp

Female vampire costume

Info: Wearable Lingerie. Seduce your friends. ;)
Price: (7 Days)350 DerpinaPoints, (30 Days)750 FangPoints or (365 Days)1,900 GarlicFlowers ..XD
Quantity: 1 ...bite on the neck.
Details: The finest Translyvanian craftmenship shows through in this immortal costume.

Costume Bonus: ..yay.. Max HP +10% ...biach. . you should be immortal. XD Max MP +10% ... Movement Speed +10% ... (totally fast right. :v If you were a real vampire, your speed would be way faster then this XD.)

Durations Available: 7 Days 7 bites., 30 Days 30 bites, or 365 Days , omfg ouch... damn biach! 365 Bites!! o-o ..XD have fun with all dat.

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