Treasure Hunters are all about one thing: Greed. Using the passive extort ability, Treasure Hunters receive more item drops from enemies than other job classes, making them the perfect choice for players with extra inventory space to fill. They also utilize their unique set of tools, including explosive bombs and smoke bombs, to deal area of effect damage to groups of monsters and apply powerful status effects to debuff their enemies. Treasure Hunters' versatility means they are able to use either daggers or bows effectively, and makes them a welcome addition to any group.


Light Armor Expertise 5

Rapid Slashing 10

Fatal Blast 10

Wind Breaking 15

Hunter's Bomb 10

Hunter's Smoke 5

Shield Boomerang 5

Dagger Training 5

Zephyr 6

Quick Move 4

Team Evasion 8

Blessing Rogue 8