Thin Leather
Thin Leather image
A material for producing Armor. A Piece of thin leather can be converted to firm leather through constructing
Vital statistics
Cost to buy
Cost to sell

Dropped byEdit

Brown Bear

Red Leopard


Can be made with Construction from Animal Leather

Base items for the following items using Construction

Name Gold Materials by Success Rate
100% 50%
Strong Leather Strong Leather 364 2x Thin Leather --
Thin Leather Pattern Armor Thin Leather Pattern: Armor 100 10x Thin Leather
5x Opal Piece
5x Leather Glue
6x Thin Leather
3x Opal Piece
3x Leather Glue
Thin Leather Pattern Glove Thin Leather Pattern: Gloves 100 2x Thin Leather
2x Emerald Piece
2x Leather Glue
2x Thin Leather
2x Emerald Piece
2x Leather Glue
Thin Leather Pattern Boots Thin Leather Pattern: Boots 100 3x Thin Leather
3x Sapphire Piece
3x Leather Glue
3x Thin Leather
2x Sapphire Piece
2x Leather Glue

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