The Thief is master of the shadows, and is a perfect choice for players that like to hide in stealth and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. Thieves lack powerful area of effect abilities, but make up for it with superior single target attacks and more evasion and critical strike than other tier 3 rogue classes. Thieves are also the masters of deception, able to slink into the shadows and disappear at a moment's notice.


  • Sneak up on enemies using stealth
  • Powerful attacks that can only be initiated from stealth
  • More evasion and crit than other tier 3 rogue classes


  • Weak area of effect damage
  • Few ranged attacks


Rapid Slashing 5

Fatal Blast 5

Perforate 10

Wind Breaking 10

Death Blow 5

Light Evasion 6

Blindside 5

Zephyr 5

Quick Move 3

Stealth 2

Team Evasion 6

Blessing Rogue 6

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