Vital statistics
Starting NPC Celerian
Ending NPC Boucheron
Required Level 5
Location Alker Harbor
Rewards 910 EXP
Quest Chain
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I really am not worthy to represent the elves, but I shall reply with all my heart to your questions. <Listen about the elves.>

We Elves were initially called the Species of the Forest and Nature.
There were times wherein we had difficulties harmonizing with other species, for we were quite conservative, having lived in the forest amongst nature.
There still are some Elves that live in the forest, but now most Elves live at harmony with other species. <Next>

You will know when you meet more of them, but Elves are very mild species.
However when war breaks out, they destroy their opponents so rapidly,that they may be called an excellent warrior.
The Elves surely are athletic when the time comes. <Next>

I know it isn't enough to solve a traveler's curiosities, but that's all I have to tell you.
I think it would also be a good idea to continue understanding the Elves by experiencing them yourself in the furture. <Next>

You must got on to meet the Dwarf Species, don't you?
You will be able to meet Boucheron the Dwarf if you follow this alley to my left.
You must pass by the general goods store to meet Boucheron the shield dealer. <Next>

I would be grateful if you deliver my greetings to Boucheron on the way.


The understanding of the Dwarf Race You should meet Boucheron at Alker Harbor and hear about the dwarfs.


Gain access to next quest.

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