Vital statistics
Starting NPC Boucheron
Ending NPC Luna
Required Level 5
Location Alker Harbor
Quest Chain
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Oh...So you would like to know about Dwarves?
You've found the right person. Hahaha.
With the word Dwarf comes my name, Boucheron!
I shall tell you about the dwarves for you to understand quickly. <Listen about the dwarves.>

We Dwarves possess excellent skills in many ways.
We possess Bravery that doesn't exactly match with our small bodies, and we can make items that have
Beautiful Exquisity with our short and unshapely hands.
It's hard to find them at battle now because many Dwarves are concentrating in the production of all kinds of items that are used in Blue Land.
But you will be able to see that excellent items of the Dwarves.
I have here some shields that I made.
If you try them, you'll surely be at awe.
Of course, not for free, though. <Next>

In the future, look for dwarves when you need an excellent item.
Hmm...Now I have to return to work. You should go back to priest Luna.
She will tell you the necessary things that you will need to know in you journeys to come. <Next>

I advice you, take good notice of what Luna tells you.
They'll all become useful.



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