Vital statistics
Starting NPC Wiff
Ending NPC Celerian
Required Level 5
Location Alker Harbor
Rewards 910 EXP
Quest Chain
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"Did you say Luna sent you?
For what business were you sent? <Listen about the humans.>

You'd like to know about humans, eh?
There isn't anything so special, but I shall tell you what I know about feel about Humans. <Next>

The Humans are commonly known as the species that look most like the gods.
They're not as fast and loved by nature like the Elves nor strong and dexterous as Dwarves.
However, Humans are really strong when they unite.
Also, there are some of them that possess power that exceed other species.
Well, this is what I wish to tell you above all other things.
Humans Develop and Mature. Plus, they also possess Potential.
Well? Now do you understand a little? <Next>

Haha, it's probably difficult to understand at the moment but you shall be enlightened one day.
Did you say you must also meet Celerian the Elf?
You will be able to meet Celerian if you go near the Port.
You will find her if you look left of Luna.
You're always welcome here. Drop by if you have any questions in the future. <Next>

Go to Celerian. You will be able to recognize her even from afar, because Elves are extremely beautiful."


The understanding of the Elf Race You should meet Celerian at Alker Harbor and learn about the elves.


Gain access to next quest.

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