Tarintus Its Extremly Rare Super Hard To Find And Its So Strong

Tarintus is The Demon Dragon that extremely Rare and only Spotted at the Distorted Crack.

Item Drop List :

  • Chivalry Of The Church's Symbol,
  • Enchant Scroll: Weapon 80-119,
  • Enchant Scroll: Armor 80-119,
  • Sealed Tarintus' Necklace,
  • Sealed Tarintus' Robe,
  • Sealed Tarintus' Helmet,
  • Sealed Dragon Slayer Emblem,
  • Kruz's Frost Sword,
  • Panace's Hammer Of The Ocean,
  • Zephyr's Chaos Bow, Zephyr's Eclipse Dagger,
  • Feira's Stick Of The Mother Earth

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