Name Weapon Type Prerequisite Max Level
Sword Storm None Active None 10
Description:Hurls a whirlwind of blades at all targets within 4m, dealing 108 damage.
Skill Level Player Level Mana SP Gold Effects Range Cool-Down
1 40 31 1 300 None 4m 7.4 Sec
2 43 36 2 1400 None 4m 7.4? Sec


1. This skill has a 4m of AOE attack (from the description). However I personally found this attack sometimes do not damage monsters with 4m range. Therefore it is not clear whether if the description meant either 4m diameter of circle AOE or 4m radius (8m diameter) circle of AOE with the caster in the middle of the circle.

2. Although there is no spell-casting-time bar, this skill actually takes about 1 second to activate, similar to Bloody Sky style.

3. This skill damage targets around the caster (full 360 degrees)

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