Vital statistics
Starting NPC Piellanshar
Ending NPC
Required Level 4
Location Alker Harbor
Rewards 1005gp, 1755EXP, Bear's Copper Armor
Quest Chain
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Sobsob...King Slime gobbled up my Teddy Bear! They've become humongous because they gobble up everything that comes to sight. I can't sleep because my Teddy Bear is missing. I'm definite that my Teddy Bear misses me too...Will you find my Teddy Bear? <Tell that you will find it>

I'm sure that of the King Slimes at the Gate of Alker gobbled up my Teddy Bear.



Searching for the Teddy Bear

You should defeat King Slime in the peaceful plain region of Alker and look for the teddy bear which Piellanshar lost.


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