Striped Lizardman

Level 38 Attack Type Melee
HP ? Locations Moon Blind Swamp
Gold 192~364
Aggro Short Special Attacks ?
Boss No
Item Drop
based on .. kills
  • 1~3 Iron Ore (..) #..
  • Ruby (..) #..
  • Iron Mold: Dagger (..) #..
  • Animal Leather
  • Wiesel
  • Heart Stone Piece
Equipment Drop
based on .. kills
  • Lizard Costume Boots
  • Lizard Costume Gloves
  • Lizard Costume Mask
  • Lizard Costume Body
  • Shoes of Light
  • Absolute One's Shoes
  • Great Tabbard Axe
  • Battle Hammer
  • Destruction Spell's Robe

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