Name Weapon Type Prerequisite Max Level
Spirit Aid Swords only Active None 4?
Description: Through intense Concentration, you recover HP. This skill requires 2 seconds of casting time before activation, the player must stand while casting.(Swords only) (Self only)
Skill Level Player Level Mana SP Gold Effects(Skill based only, please read note) Range Cool-Down
1 - 29 1 300 Recover 119HP N/A 10.0 Seconds.
2 - 38 1 1400 Recover 158HP N/A 10.0 Seconds.


1. Very strangely the skill description inside the game says it strictly requires an equipped sword to use this skill. However this is untrue as I discovered that I can still heal myself while equipped no weapon. (I personally experiment it with my own character.)

2. The skill is affected by either WIS or INT. Currently the formula of this skill is unknown.

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