Snowstorm master

Snowstorm Master can be found at Nera Harbor, generally all around the map, except for the port and the campfire. There is a double-spawn just south-east of the port. The location is (180, 320).

Level 96 Attack Type Ranged Only
HP 17250 Locations Nera Harbor
Gold 2434~ (Still working on it)
Aggro Yes Special Attacks Magical Casting Time Decrease Lv 4 and Slow Lv 4
Boss No
Item Drop
  • Rune Carving Ore x1
  • Rune Carving Cloth Piece x1
  • Rune Carving LEather Piece x1
  • Mana's Water x1
  • Fairy's Powder x1
  • Monster of the integers - Lv 100 x1
Equipment Drop
  • Zephyr's Breath (Common)
  • Dark Avenger (Common)
Fun Facts
  • The enemies at Nera Harbor are generally a quick way to earn gold in Luna Online, each Zephyr's Breath and Dark Avenger sells for Approx. 2,000,000 gold.
  • This enemy has lower HP and defense than the other enemies, generally making it a goog target for lower levels to gain money.

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