Skeleton Worker

Skeleton Worker

While Skeleton Workers are not boss monsters, they are significantly stronger than monsters of similar level.

Level 35 Attack Type Melee
HP 2876 Locations Iron Mine F1
Gold 463 ~ 875
Aggro Short Special Attacks None
Boss No
Item Drop
based on .. kills
Equipment Drop
based on .. kills
  • Plate Armor
  • Furious Storm's Leather Long Boot
  • Crocodile's Great Tabar
  • Elephant's Great Tabar
  • Guardian's Robe
Walk Quotes
  • I, the Skeleton Worker, am not alone.
  • Why am I being so laze when I have so much work to do?
  • You can pry my hoe out of my cold, dead hands!
Aggro Quotes
  • What kind of ore will be good for you?
Death Quotes

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