Required Level:
Complete the quest Ask for Help
Starting NPC:
Ending NPC:
  • 105 Exp
  • 165 Gold
  • x10 HP Potion (Level 1~9)
  • x10 MP Potion (Level 1~9)
  • Level 5 Armor
Quest Chain:

1. Rien's Advice
2. Battle Training
3. Ask for Help
4. Securing a Trade Route




Did Rien send you? I am in trouble. I always bring goods from Alker Harbor around here by myself and sell them. However, recently, monsters keep attacking me on my way, and I am having trouble supplying goods. Please take this ride and help me.

Please hunt for 15 fungus look and one [Boss] Kusku. You will easily find them near the entrance of Alker Harbor.


Have you deafeated the monsters?

Thank you. Now I can run my business without worry.

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