Rune Walkers are the ultimate team player, able to make any group they're a part of immediately better thanks to powerful group buffs that boost party members' critical rate, critical damage, and movement speed. Like other hybrid rogue classes, the Rune Walker can choose to use either daggers or bows in combat, and features superior utility, including improved mana regeneration and the ability to interrupt enemy spells.


Rapid Slashing 10

Fatal Blast 10

Double Shot 10

Piercing Arrow 10

Fire Arrow

Piercing Shot 15

Wind Breaking 15

Nature Aid 10

Poison Aid 2

Casting Foil 2

Slack 2

Zephyr 6

Quick Move 6

Side Step 6

Whispering Wind 6

Team Evasion 8

Blessing Rogue 8

Beholder 2

WindWalk 5

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