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Rune Knights, like Gladiators, are one of the damage-focused Tier 4 fighter classes. While they have lower damage output than Gladiators, Rune Knights have exclusive auras which are able to buff friendly players around them. They also have exclusive access to a long range stun skill, which is highly effective in PvP and other sticky situations. In addition to stuns, Rune Knights also have access to a sleep skill as well as a self heal. They also have better MP management skills than Gladiators. Rune Knights are known to use both one-handed weapons with shields and two-handed weapons.


  • Useful aura skills which aid players around the Rune Knight
  • High damage output
  • Long range stun and sleep skill (useful in PvP)
  • Self heal
  • Good MP management capabilities


  • No Heavy Armor Expertise


Burning Crash 5

Wheel Wind 15

Sonic Boom 10

Spirit Aid 10

Sword Storm 10

Earth Wave 5

Two Hand Training 20

Fighter's Heart 5

Warrior Form 4

Mana Storm 7

Accuracy Aura 2

Shield Aura 2

Rampage Aura 2

Reinforce Vital 8

Blessing Fighter 8

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