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Rune Knights, like Gladiators, are one of the damage-focused Tier 4 fighter classes. While they have lower damage output than Gladiators, Rune Knights have exclusive auras which are able to buff friendly players around them. They also have exclusive access to a long range stun skill, which is highly effective in PvP and other sticky situations. In addition to stuns, Rune Knights also have access to a sleep skill as well as a self heal. They also have better MP management skills than Gladiators. Rune Knights are known to use both one-handed weapons with shields and two-handed weapons.


  • Useful aura skills which aid players around the Rune Knight
  • High damage output
  • Long range stun and sleep skill (useful in PvP)
  • Self heal
  • Good MP management capabilities


  • No Heavy Armor Expertise



Two handed:

Crash Blow (Lvl 10) - Lifts Two-handed weapon and smashes down the target to deal 469 damage.

Burning Crash (Lvl 5) - Leaps with Two-handed weapon and smashes down the target to deal 782 damage.

Whirlwind (Lvl 15)- Swings Two handed weapon quickly and deals 1782 damage to all enemies within a 3.5m range. (AOE)

Earth Wave (Lvl 5) - Releases a powerful earthquake shock wave at the target and deals 1782 damage. Slows down the target by 40% for 7.8sec. Has 70% success rate. (CC)

One handed/sword:

Sonic Boom (Lvl 10) - Releases a powerful sword aura at the target and deals 1188 damage to all enemies within a 15m range. (AOE)

Sword Storm (Lvl 10) - Releases a hurricane of sword aura around the caster to attack all enemies within a 6.5m range and deals 1386 damage. (AOE)


Spirit Aid (Lvl 10) - Concentrates you mind. Recovers your HP relative to your level, Intellect and wisdom.

Fighter's Heart (Lvl 5) - Increase the target's Strength by 50.

Warrior Form (Lvl 4) - Increase caster's physical damage by 85.

Mana Storm (Lvl 7) - Increase the target's max MP by 17%.

Accuracy Aura (Lvl 2) - Increase accuracy by 5.7% and Dexterity by 85.

Shield Aura (Lvl 2) - Physical defense increase by 51 and Vitality increase by 85.

Rampage Aura (Lvl 2) - Physical attack and movement speed increase by 9%. Strength increase by 85.

Vital powerup (Lvl 8) - Increase party member's Vitality by 80.

Fighter's Blessing(Lvl 8) - Spirit gives fighter a blessing. When MP percentage is 70%+ Attack speed increased by 8.5% and agility by 24.


Two-Handed training (Lvl 10)- Increase physical damage by 50 when using a 2H weapon

Heavy Armor Expertise (Lvl 10) - If you equip plate type armor physical defense goes up by 30 and you also gain 50 vitality.

Rune Knight GuideEdit


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