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Rotting mandragora

Rotten Mandragora (side)

Level 28 Attack Type Magic
HP 472 Locations Tarintus
Gold 105 ~ 235
Aggro Short Special Attacks None
Boss Karas
Item Drop
based on 250 kills
Equipment Drop
based on 250 kills
Walk Quotes
  • Stay away if you don't want to see0 a rotten Mandrogora FREAK OUT!
  • Don't I look like a real person? Haha!
  • I heard that there is a peaceful place over that mountain.
  • Am I going to keep rotting like this?
  • Wow! My roots grew a little bit today!
  • I'm a son of a noble family.
  • I want to be an adult soon.
  • I don't like my hairstyle today. I should go to a hair salon.
  • I really feel like drinking today.
Death Quotes
  • Alright, you belong to the same group as the Mandragora hunters.
  • I'm going to be rotten and dissappear...
  • Ah! Do you like ginseng liquor that much..
  • Oh no! Help the roots!
  • How can you not be affected by my scent?

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