Required Level:
Starting NPC:
Ending NPC:
  • N/A
Quest Chain:

1. Melina's Request
2. Ruiz's Request


  • Decide which Union you wish to support then take up that Union's quest.



The biggest reason that I came here is to keep the trade road. It's not only because of cultivating new land but also because it is the way to Nera, the center region of the Blue Land. Many things are happening there.

Due to many reasons the Merchant Group can't handle this alone. So we get support from the Hunter Union and Rogue Union. That's why Melina and Ruiz have come to do their mission.

Two kinds of monsters are having conflicts and hold each other in check so they fight for to steal trade goods. The funny thing is Hunter Union and the Rogue Guild defeats one kind of monster each and also hold back on each other.

They are recruiting adventurers who can help their union. In fact, you can't help them both. When you start to help one union you will not be able to do the other union's requests. Consider it and visit me again.

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