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Common Rings Edit

Level Magical
Icon Name NPC Monster
1 4 Copper Ring Copper Ring Tasartia Ghost Flower
5 Silver Ring Silver Ring
10 5 Pearl Ring Pearl Ring
15 Crystal Earring Crystal Ring
20 7 Platinum Ring Platinum Ring Construction
25 8 Ring of Wisdom Ring of Wisdom Construction
30 9 Magical Power Ring Magical Power Ring Construction
35 10 Black Pearl Ring Black Pearl Ring Construction

Rare Rings Edit

Level Magical
Icon Name Bonus Stats Monster
6 6 Silver Ring Family Ring INT +5
MP +27
Rose (boss)
21 19 .. Orion's Ring DEX +7
HP +94
MP +2
Lucky 77 3rd
27 18 .. Tiny Crystal Stone STR +15
DEX +5
VIT +5
HP +60
MP +10
Evil Golem

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