Vital statistics
Starting NPC Rien
Ending NPC Marche
Required Level 2-3?
Location The Gates of Alker
Rewards 377EXP
Quest Chain
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I am here at Alker Plains as a volunteer. I am here because the novice travelers are having a hard time because of the increase of monsters here in Blue Land. Look for me whenever you need help. Oh, right! Would you go to Marche, who stays next to me? I think she's in a difficult situation. I cannot go since I must guard this place. Will you go instead of me and help Marche? <Visit Marche>

Do you see her? You'll probably see her with just a turn of head. Please go along and listen to what she has to say.


Meeting with Marche You should go see March, the General Goods Merchant at the Gate of Alker.


Gain 377 EXP and access to next quest.

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