This article contains detailed information about races in Luna Online: Reborn. Third race are the Devils(Majins) which use dual daggers.


After the Primal Chaos, gods created the most god-resembling race, Humans. This race has battled through and survived from Primal War to the most recent ones with their potent.
  — Reborn in-game description 

Humans are the offense focused race which favors strength and vitality. They make excellent tankers or damage dealers.

Racial Trait: +5% Critical Damage

Human Specific ClassesEdit


Human Race





A race that loves and communicates with nature. Peaceful and harmonious elves normally try to avoid any conflict. When someone harms them, however, elves stand firm against their oppressor.
  — Reborn in-game description 

Elves, with their high MP pole play a supportive or magical damage dealer role in game. Also do to their extra dodge rate, they can be good in agility-based classes.

Racial Trait: +5% Dodge Rate

Elf Specific ClassesEdit


Elf Race





Ruined peers or young Majins, who are discontented with the current system and environment, bail out of the existing powers of five Majin lords for a new way of life.
  — Reborn in-game description 


Majin Race

Majins are special race of Luna Online. Unlike other classes, they have access to only one class branch. Thanks to their special skills, they can be physical rogue-like fighter, supportive mages or powerful magic damage dealers.

Racial Trait: +10% Movement Speed

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