The priest is the Tier 3 path of choice for players who wish to focus on defensive and supportive spell-casting. Priests are the prototypical healing class. They are equipped with strong heal spells and many buffs to improve the effectiveness of themselves and those around them. They also have exclusive Tier 3 access to a sleep spell, as well as a buff which allows them to see hidden foes.


  • Better heal spells
  • Many buffs
  • Sleep spell for crowd control and PvP
  • mana defense
  • Valued member in groups


  • Low damage potential
  • Needs to be in groups to maximize potential


Holy Strike 10
Fast Heal 10
Divine Judgment 10
Revive 1
Group Heal 5
Great Heal 15
Enhance MP 5
Wisdom 3
Bless Heart 5
Holy Barrier 1
Wizardry 1
Might 1
Shield 1
Beholder 2
Shrewd Spell 1
Mana Aura 3
Cure Poison 3
Reinforce Wisdom 6
Blessing Mage 6

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