Predator Gargoyle

Level 44 Attack Type Melee
HP 974 Locations Red Orc Outpost
Gold 234~451
Aggro Medium-Short Special Attacks None
Boss Railers
Item Drop
Equipment Drop
Walk Quotes
  • When will I be able to fight with a strong one?
  • Isn't there any strong one?
  • If you're thinking that I'm a flying monster because I'm flying... That's right.
  • I'm working on my technique! I'll be able to do a Dempsey roll soon.
  • I should find a day to fix my wings.
  • My horns are itchy.
  • You'd better not mess with me.
  • I'm getting sluggish these days.
  • I want to see a little bit more...
  • I am the prince of the sky! Ahahahaha!
  • Don't you think I'm the best looking amoung all of those who fly?
Death Quotes
  • I actually wanted to solve this with words...
  • It's an honor to be beaten up by someone this strong.
  • Don't spread the news of my death.
  • The last attack...was cool...
  • How could I lose this easily?

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