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Vital statistics
Starting NPC Farouk
Ending NPC Farouk
Prerequisites None
Required Level 5
Location Alker Harbor
Rewards Floating Diamond
Quest Chain
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More than just a cute companion, your Luna Online pet is a full combat ally able to hold its own in battle. Choose how to raise your pet by customizing its skills, gear, costume, and even how it evolves! There's no need to fight alone with your new pet partner by your side!
  — Saphars 
==Obtaining your Pet==

After the Luna Plus expansion , The required Level for the quest was changed to 5, you obtain your pet from Farouk, in Alker Harbour.You will obtain a "Floating Diamond" from Farouk after speaking to him. Double click it to obtain your starting pet.

You will receive one randomly selected pet out of the following:

  • Pet of Strength Cherry
  • Pet of Hope Blueberry
  • Pet of Courage Orange
  • Pet of Intelligence Grape
  • Pet of Peace Kiwi

also whit the new expansion to Luna Plus, players can also be able to obtain over 60 pets aside from one of the starting 5 ether from crafting using ingredients found in pet stores and Date Dungeons or in The Guild Dungeon which they can access after your guild wins Castle Siege,this new pets come a special skill unique, some of them that no other pet has access to and they are able to freely level those skills up to level 5. some the known pets are:

  • Salamander(Custom Pet Box obtained by killing Kierra, Tarintus, and Arach bosses in the Guild Dungeon.)
  • Snake (Custom Pet Box obtained by killing Kierra, Tarintus, and Arach bosses in the Guild Dungeon.)
  • Golem Jr (Date Dungeon 20-40,40-60) signature move: fighters hearth
  • Mandragora (Custom Pet Box obtained by killing Kierra, Tarintus, and Arach bosses in the Guild Dungeon.)
  • Krutz Katar (crafted by getting 3 Stiletto daggers, 1 Black Rose and 1 Yellow rose found in DD. ) signature move : Intelligence
  • Roboto roller(crafted from getting 1 Red Rose, 1 White Rose and 10 Colorful Wrapping Paper.You can acquire Red Roses and Colorful Wrapping Paper from Date Dungeons.) signature move : Heal
  • Hornet(Custom Pet Box obtained by killing Kierra, Tarintus, and Arach bosses in the Guild Dungeon.)
  • Harpy jr
  • stealth Assassin
  • pretty Butterfly
  • Mantis
  • Haunted Armor

Raising your PetEdit

To successfully raise your pet, you will need to feed it to keep its Bond rating up, which can be found in the Pet interface by pressing the P button. This will decrease by 30 every hour you play with your pet by your side.
When it drops below 70, there will be a reduction in damage output, and when it reaches zero, your pet will die.

Petfood increases Bond/Friendship by 30 per piece and is available from the Pet NPC shop (Serie) in Nera Castle Town, and will cost 2,000 gold per item.

As your pet will fight along side you, you will need HP and MP pots that are especially for pets. If your pet dies, you will need to buy a revival scroll in order to revive it.
The cost of these scrolls is 100,000g and you are able to buy them from a pet store.

On the pet tab, you will also have the option of letting the pet be aggressive, fight while you fight, or stay in one place. Often times, with the aggressive option, pets will lose more HP and MP because they are attacking different monsters on their own, as opposed to fighting with you or staying in one place.

A pet reaches the maximum level of 100.

Pet InterfaceEdit

Fight InterfaceEdit

La pantalla Información de mascotas se puede acceder pulsando el botón P. Su mascota tendrá tres opciones de IA:

  • Aggressive: Pet automatically attacks the nearest monster.
  • Defensive: Pet will only attack the monster your character is attacking.
  • Passive: Pet will stay idle at a chosen spot.
Equipment will not be shown graphically on the pet, however, costumes that you place on your pet will show up.


Skill SystemEdit

Como el nivel de mascotas, que será capaz de habilidades. La ventana de habilidades muestra las habilidades que una mascota puede aprender, que se compran en el NPC Merchant mascotas en Nera. Desplazarse por cada habilidad para leer su descripción.

  • Las mascotas pueden aprender cualquier tipo de habilidades, no importa qué tipo son. Sin embargo, si las habilidades aprendidas están relacionados, el daño y el efecto será mucho mayor.
  • Habilidades tienen tiempos de reutilización, así como habilidades de los personajes, también usará MP de su mascota.
  • The Key Levels to take note of are -50, and -80, where more skill slots become available.

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