Orc Shaman

Orc Shaman

Level 42 Attack Type Magic, Melee
HP 841 Locations Red Orc Outpost
Gold 115 ~ 351
Aggro Large Special Attacks Level 5 Poisoning
Boss No
Item Drop
based on 50 kills
Equipment Drop
based on 50 kills
Walk Quotes
  • I smell a human being somewhere.
  • We should be alert when we're scouting. Ahem.
  • New soldiers these days are not disciplined
  • My boss told me to look out for this place.
  • I'm hungry everyday.
  • Blah-blahj|Abrakatabraj|Dongegirigirij|
  • Grr. The number of orcs who don't want to serve in the army is increasing.
  • This side is fine.
  • Hey! do you have any problems on that side?
Death Quotes
  • Grrr! I'm dying like this...
  • Hah, I have a meeting
  • How dare you!
  • Ah! I should've bought insurance if I knew I would die like this...
  • Designate...Designate a council for me...

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