Orc Elimination
Vital statistics
Starting NPC Equpos
Ending NPC Equpos
Required Level 33
Location Moon Blind Forest
Rewards [rewards]
Quest Chain
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There will always be more Orcs to eliminate. If you're up to the task, I'll gladly reward you for your efforts. Are you going to go Orc hunting?

Orcs are like a virus. Eliminate one, and two will take its place. It won't be easy, but if we are persistent, we defeat the orcs here before this turns into a full scale war. I'm confident that you are strong enough to handle this test. Good luck!


Defeat 30 Orcs in Moon Blind Forest.


  • On completion
  Have the Orcs been eliminated? <Mission Complete>
  Good. Your skills are improving quickly.
  Don't get cocky, though.
  We must keep applying pressure to the orc forces.

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