Upon reaching level 105, Humans are given the choice to advance to a Necromancer. A common path is Mage>Wizard>Priest>Inquirer>Necromancer. Necromancers focus mainly on VIT because most of their spells are based on HP and DoT. They're one of the best standalone farmers in-game,and can be a powerful killer in wars, at a cost of being weaker in 1v1 PvPs.


Diabolic Touch 10

Curse Weakness 5 - Causes an enemy to loose points from all stats.

Envenom 5

Bloodstream 6 - Sacrifices Health for Mana.

Fire Blast 20 - 1 on 1 attack that blasts fire at an enemy

Meteor 20 - AOE that shoots out meteors from the sky.

Venom Cloud 20

Vital Explosion 10 - Strong AOE that gives off a blast of fire.

Corpse Explosion 5

Intelligence 6 - Raises INT

Devil Armor 10 - Raises DEF

Reinforce Wisdom 10 - Raises WIS

Blessing Mage 10

Work In Progress

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