Monsters are the enemies that populate in the world of Luna Online. Killing them yields a number of reward; experience, gold and items.

Please see here for categorical list of monsters.

Experience GainEdit

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There is experience penalty for killing monsters higher or lower level than you.

-4 = +14
0% 100% 0%

Aggro TypeEdit

Aggro is monster aggression rate. This means monsters with high aggro will attack you even if you don't attack them. There are four Aggro Types in Luna Online:

  • Passive
    : These monsters only attack if the player attack first.
  • Helper
    : These type of monsters attack if the player attack first or if the player attack another monster of the same type.
  • Aggressive
    : These type of monsters attack you if you get close enough.
  • No Aggro
    : These type of monsters don't attack the player even if the player attack them (There are only a few monsters with this type of aggro, e.g. (Gem) Goblin).

Maps with MonstersEdit