Level 23 Attack Type Melee
HP 1698 Locations Tarintus
Gold 90 ~ 178
Aggro Short Special Attacks None
Boss No
Item Drop
based on 75 kills
Equipment Drop
based on 75 kills
  • Magical Power Robe (1%) #1
  • Magical Power Boots (..) #0
  • Priest Warrior's Gauntlets (..) #0
  • Guardman's Heavy Armor (..) #0
  • Priest Warrior's Boots (..) #0
  • Giant Guard's Leather Boots (2%) #2
  • Fox's Kukri (..) #0
Walk Quotes
  • Are you curious about my identity?
  • It's very tiring to run arund...
  • I've gained some money, so I should remodel the box.
  • Isn't there anyone weak and rich?
  • Clang! Clang!
  • Nothing tastes better than money!
  • Sniff. I smell money somewhere.
  • Money is the best thing in the world!
  • Should I become a loan shark? Hehehe!
  • Ouch! I bit my tongue!
Death Quotes
  • I'll come back as a lawyer to get settlement money!
  • Tigers leave their skin after death, but Mimics don't leave anything.
  • You won't find out my identity even though I die...
  • I won't give you my money! Ha!
  • Haha. My money is all digested...

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