Meeting with the Guild Manager
Vital statistics
Starting NPC Boucheron
Ending NPC Ellenshar
Prerequisites Completion of "Equipment Delivery"
Required Level 4
Location Alker Harbor
Rewards 299 EXP
Quest Chain
Previous Next
Equipment Delivery Delivering the Armor


Oh gosh. I've forgotten all along that I've left it with Ellenshar on the way coming back from my last journey. I've forgotten a while because i have so many customers! You see, my protectors are quite outstanding. Go to Ellenshar. He will have the Armor that Tierre requested. Oh by the way, he's the Guild Manager. If you're interested, it would be good to meet him and create a Guild. Isn't two better than one? Haha..<Accept the quest.>

You will be able to meet Ellenshar if you follow the Alley to the Entrance going to the Ruins of Draconian. He will give you the Armor if you give my name. Bring that to Tierre.


Meet Ellenshar, the Guild Manager in Alker Harbor.

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