This is the wiki for the game Luna Online which is revived by Suba Games as Luna Online: Reborn.

To try and keep people current on changes and keep a sort of guide for new players I'm going to start independently updating the wiki. Hopefully you can bare with me and the game through it's rough patches.~Jayce

Patch Notes

Greetings all!

Today's patch introduces a new system called "Training Points", changes to dungeons to make them more solo-able as well as still useful for full parties, Level 80 Philosopher stones will also be in the Cashshop shortly after the patch.

Training points

By killing enemies, players receive Training Points equal to ((Monster level - Character Level + 5) * 2), meaning a level 50 character killing a level 53 enemy will gain 16 Training Points. These training points can be spent on special passives that increase statistics such as Crafting chance, Enchant chance, Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, Vitality, Wisdom, Physical Damage, Physical Def, Magic Damage, Magic Defense, Pet, Physical Damage, Pet Physical Def, Pet Magic Damage, Pet Magic Defense.

These skills are acquired in levels via the skill window

For the first 2 weeks of this new system, Training Point gains will be increased by 100%.

Dungeon Changes Dungeons have been changed to validate their use more. Drops rates have been increased in most dungeons, as well as the difficulties of monsters in dungeons have been adjusted.

All monsters in dungeons now also have a chance to drop items, instead of just certain enemies and the bosses.

Dungeon tickets are now acquired through the exchange shop. Players must trade in 1 "Dungeon Coupon" + an amount of Gold to receive a dungeon entry ticket of their choice. Dungeon Coupons drop from most enemies.


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