Level 14 Attack Type Melee
HP ~1030 Locations Ruins of Draconian
near the Lizardman Trail
280, 232
Gold 63 ~ 98
Aggro Short Special Attacks None
Boss No
Item Drop
based on 150 kills
Equipment Drop
based on 150 kills
Walking Lines
  • I want to go to a marsch and get a massage. And a mudbath too!
  • I miss the mud soup...
  • Don't my arms look really strong? Can you see some muscles?!
  • I think the armor is not that good. When are we changing our armaments?!
  • I'm getting chubby these days. I should be on diet?
  • Isn't there any medicine that makes my legs longer?
  • Marches are definitely a good place to live.
  • Too much tanning is not good for skin...
  • Did I eat too little for lunch? I'm hungry...
  • How nice would it be if I had a sword in my hand?
Death Lines
  • What a jerkface! What are you trying to do with my leather?
  • I'm a pretty good athlete... How can I fall like this...
  • Hah...
  • Ugh, how can I loose...
  • How can my hard scales be pierced? That's amazing!

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