(added in Luna Plus expansion) Traitors to the corrupt government of the satanic five , the young majins now search for a new life away from there stagnent ways. Len eopeu Tess skillfully manage the force of destruction of their own mana to use their 3 types specialized skills . as such , no changes in fighting stile can be found through class change.


Hop Kick ( universal physical attack skill usable in any fighting mode)

Battle Heal(universal healing spell usable in any fighting mode, requires for the caster to be in combat stance)

Dual wield(passive)

Evil Spirit(passive)

Armored bracer(passive)

Demonic gift(passive)

Power of Beelzebub(activates physical combat mode in the majin allowing him to use sealed physical attacks , also buffs the users attack speed and power)

Double Impact

Soul divider

Power of Mephistopheles( activates Magic combat mode on the majin allowing him to use magic spells he normally cant access, it also increases the users magic casting speed , evade and Mp recovery)

Dark Lightning

Hellbringer Corruption ( activates support combat mode allowing the majin access to skills based in stolen hellbringer technology used for buffing the user and debuffing the enemy. it also increases the users physical and magical defenses as well as HP)

weapon breaker

armor breaker

mind breaker


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