Knights are the Tier 4 fighter class of choice for those who wish to strike a balance between damage and defense. Knights have access to multiple area of effect skills, as well as many buffs that increase their ability to deal damage more efficiently. Along with these damage buffs, Knights also have access to defensive skills. This mix of offense and defense allows knights to solo quite effectively. Knights tend to prefer using one-handed weapons in conjunction with shields.


Cross Slashing 10

Double Strike 10

Attract 10

Shield Edge 10

Bloody Sky 20

Attract Circle 5

Doom Burst 5

One Hand Training 20

Heavy Armor Expertise 15

Sword Training 10

Axe Training 10

Mace Training 10

Shield Barrier 1

Solid Weapon 2 Increase PAttack by %

Reinforce Vital 8

Blessing Fighter 8

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