Iron golem

Iron Golem

Level 29 Attack Type Melee
HP 485 Locations Zakandia, Tarintus
Gold 123 ~ 244
Aggro Short Special Attacks Reduced Physical Defense Lv.12
Boss No
Item Drop
based on 200 kills
Equipment Drop
based on 200 kills
Walk Quotes
  • I'm stupid? Hoohoo, that's true, but it makes me feel bad.
  • I'm too heavy. I should be on a diet.
  • No weapon can pierce through my super skin!
  • Golem, but it's okay.
  • No one can leave any scar on my body!
  • It's hard to move with this heavy body.
  • I really like the showy pattern on my body.
  • What? Do you think it's a boiled egg on my head? That's wrong. It's a BROILED
  • I'm not moving forward even though I walk hard.
  • Don't assume that I'm stupid just by looking at my appearance.
Death Quotes
  • Oh, I'll give you my broiled egg.
  • Gosh... My body is breaking down.
  • I can't believe that my steel body is broken by someone like you.
  • I'm sad that I'm slow.
  • Let's meet again after I get repaired.

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