NPC Location
Quest Location Ellenshar

Location: Alker Harbor
NPC: Ellenshar
Level: 6

"The Fungus that I'm studying now are quite interesting creatures.
They can move, though they are plants.
That's why I'm asking...Please find some Fungus spore.
Catch the strongest creatures among the Fungus group, Fungus Knight, and bring back their Spores.
You can help me in my Spore Study, right?" <Accept the quest.>

"Please catch the Fungus Knights at the Gate of Alker and bring back 10 Spores."


Quest Item Monster
Fungus Knight

Location: The Gate of Alker

Spores of Fungus Knight
You should defeat Fungus Knights at The Gate of Alker and get 10 spores.


"Have you found all the Fungus Knight Spores?" <Hand over the Spores of Fungus.>

"Thank you so much! I can start a deeper study now that I have the Fungus Spores."

Reward: 1,050 Gold and 2,145 EXP

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