There are two playable races in Luna Online, Human and Elf. There are a few things a player might want to consider before choosing their class, such as Base Stat differences or race specific classes. Here is a quick comparison.

Base Stat ComparisonEdit

Human Fighter 80 50 75 30 35
Elf Fighter 65 60 65 35 40
Human Mage 40 35 55 65 70
Elf Mage 35 40 45 70 75
Human Rogue 75 70 60 35 40
Elf Rogue 65 75 55 40 40

Class/Skill ReasonsEdit


  • The Fighter classes, Mercenary, Gladiator and Destroyer, boasts high attack.
  • The Mage classes, Monk, Inquirer and Necromancer, are able to equip Light Armor.
  • The Rogue classes, Thief, Assassin and Blade Taker, has a higher level of Stealth.
  • Race specific skill, Burning Rage, increases Physical Attack by a certain %, but decreases HP/sec
  • Race specific skill, Lash / Lace, increases HP Recovery Rate by a certain amount, but decreases MP/sec


  • The Fighter class Rune Knight and Magnus has a lot of disabling skills, and also has access to some unique buffs
  • The Mage class Elemental Master and Rune Master boasts some unique buffs.
  • The Rogue classes, Rune Walker and Temper Master, are able to use Silence, and also has access to some unique buffs.
  • Race specific skill, Nature Shield & Mind, increases Physical and Magical defense by a certain %.

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