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Common Helmets Edit

Level Physical Defense Icon Name Bonus/Stats
see rare helmets
NPC Price Monster Part of Set
1 3 Hood Hood Boucheron 100 No
5 3 Leather Helmet Leather Helmet Bear's
110 No
10 4 Leather Helmet Hard Leather Helmet Boucheron
840 No
15 4 Bronze Helmet Bronze Helmet 2.450 Yes
20 6 Plate Helmet Plate Helmet 4.296 Yes
25 7 Magic Bronze Helmet Magic Bronze Helmet Drocus 8.896 Yes
30 8 Mithril Helmet Mithril Helmet 14.920 Yes
35 9 Strengthened Mithril Helmet Strengthened Mithril Helmet 24.448 Yes (Combat)

Rare Helmets Edit

Level Physical Defense Icon Name Bonus/Stats Monster Part of Set
.. .. Leather Helmet Bear's Leather Helmet .. Rose (boss)
Protosukus (boss)
.. .. Leather Helmet Cat's Leather Helmet .. Gepat (boss) ..
1 3 .. Rabbit's Hood +5 Dex Heis (boss) ..
20 6 Leather Helmet Brave Warrior's Helmet .. Goblin Yes

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