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Common Armor SetsEdit

  • Almost all common armors are buyable at armor vendors.
  • These armors can be made via construction with a pattern and the required materials.
  • The armor pieces are also available via monster loots, which may or may not come with added stat bonus(es).

Lv 1 Bone Edit

Level Defense Bone Set NPC Price Monster Preview(F)
1 Icon Name
14 Bone Armor Bone Armor Boucheron 100
Bone Armor Preview(F)
3 Bone Gauntlet Bone Gauntlets 100 Crying Flower
5 Bone Boots Bone Boots 100

Set Effect:
(3)DEX +3, VIT +2

Lv 5 Copper Edit

Level Defense Copper Set NPC Price Monster Preview(F)
5 Icon Name
16 Copper Armor Copper Armor Boucheron 310
Copper Armor Preview(F)
3 Copper Gauntlet Copper Gauntlets 110 King Slime
6 Copper Boots Copper Plate Boots 120 King Slime

Set Effect:


Lv 10 Brigandine Edit

Level Defense Brigandine Set NPC Price Monster Preview(F) Preview(M)
10 Icon Name
18 Brigandine Brigandine Boucheron 2.530 Lizardman
Brigandine Preview(F)
4 Brigandine Gauntlet Brigandine Gauntlets 610 Gnoll
7 Brigandine Boots Brigandine Boots 680 Gnoll

Set Effect:
(3)PHYS DEF +4% , HP +35

Lv 15 Chain Edit

Level Defense Chain Set NPC Price Monster
15 Icon Name
22 Chain Mail Chain Mail Boucheron 7.400 Goblin Warrior
5 Chain Gauntlet Chain Gauntlets 1.750
8 Chain Boots Chain Boots 1.990

Set Effect:


Lv 20 Composite Edit

Level Defense Composite Set NPC Price Monster
20 Icon Name
25 Composite Armor Composite Armor Boucheron 13.016 Mandragora
6 Composite Gauntlet Composite Gauntlets 3.112
9 Composite Boots Composite Boots 3.496 Brown Bear

Set Effect:
(3)STR +8

Lv 25 Red Bronze Edit

Level Defense Red bronze armor Set NPC Price Monster Preview(M)
Icon Name
15 4 Bronze Helmet Bronze Helmet Boucheron
Red Bronze Armor Preview(M)
25 31 Red Bronze Armor Red Bronze Armor Drocus 26.960 Stone Golem
7 Red Bronze Gauntlet Red Bronze Gauntlets 6.440 Iron Golem
10 Red Bronze Boots Red Bronze Boots 7.248 Stone Golem

Set Effect:
(4)DEX +6, PHYS DEF +5%

Lv 30 Plate Edit

Level Defense Plate set NPC Price Monster Preview(M)
Icon Name
20 6 Plate Helmet Plate Helmet Boucheron
Plate Armor Preview(M)
30 38 Plate Armor Plate Armor Drocus 45.232 Gargoyle
8 Plate Gauntlet Plate Gauntlets 10.800 Orc
11 Plate Boots Plate Boots 12.144 Orc

Set Effect:
(3)DEX -6, HP REC +2
(4)PSYH DEF +5%

Lv 35 Steel Plate Edit

Level Defense Full plate set NPC Price Monster Preview
35 Icon Name
45 Steel Plate Armor Steel Plate Armor Drocus 74.104
10 Steel Gauntlets Steel Gauntlets 17.696 Poison Fungus
13 Steel Boots Steel Boots 19.904

Set Effect:
(full)STR+9, VIT+6

Lv 40 Magical Bronze Edit

Level Defense Magical bronze armor set NPC Price Monster Preview(F)
40 Icon Name
7 Magic Bronze Helmet Magic Bronze Helmet Drocus 8.896 Magicalbronzepreview
53 Magical Bronze Armor Magical Bronze Armor 121.695
12 Magical Bronze Gauntlets Magical Bronze Gauntlets 29.057
15 Magical Bronze Boots Magical Bronze Boots 32.676

Set Effect:
(3)M DEF +5%
(4)STR+3, VIT+10

Lv 45 Mithril Armor Edit

Level Defense Mithril armor set NPC Price Monster Preview
45 Icon Name
8 Mithril Helmet Mithril Helmet Drocus 14.920
62 Mithril Armor Mithril Armor 254.261
14 Mithril Gauntlets Mithril Gauntlets 60.697
17 Mithril Plate Boots Mithril Plate Boots 68.264

Set Effect:
(3)M DEF +5%, VIT+12

Lv 50 Silver Mithril Edit

Level Defense Silver Mithril Set NPC Price Monster Preview
50 Icon Name
72 Silver Mithril Armor Silver Mithril Armor Drocus 343.343
16 Silver Mithril Gauntlets Silver Mithril Gauntlets 81.963
19 Silver Mithril Boots Silver Mithril Boots 92.183

Set Effect:
(full) None

Rare Armor SetsEdit

  • These sets are found via monster loots only.
  • The colors indicate the rarity. Green is Uncommon, Blue is Rare, and Red is Super Rare.
  • The more rare an armor piece is, the lower the drop rate is.
  • The drop rate of these equipments vary, with some pieces having a less than 0.1% drop rate.

Lv 20 Brave Warrior Edit

Level Stats Brave Warrior Set NPC Monster Preview(M)
20 Icon Name
Def:26 HP +25 Brave Warrior's Armor Drop Only Goblin Guard
Def:8 STR +3 Brave Warrior's Gauntlets Goblin
Def:9 Dex:3 HP:12 Brave Warrior's Boots Goblin Warrior
Def:6 Brave Warriors Helmet Brave Warrior's Helmet Goblin
Def:16 Brave Warrior's Shield Kylmuris (Boss)
Attack:34 Magic:23 Brave Warrior's Sword(21) Kylmuris (Boss)

Set Effect:
(2)STR -5, VIT +15
(4)Physical Defense +10%
(Full set)HP Recovery +4 Shield Protection Rate +5% - Skill Rank +1

-- 10:03, 1 July 2009 (UTC)Contributed By VampDevil

Lv 27 Guardsman Edit

Level Stats Guardman's Set NPC Monster Preview(M)
20 Icon Name
Def:40 Guardsman's Heavy Armor

Drop Only Mimic
Def:7 Guardsman's Gauntlets

Stone Golem
Def:11 Guardsman's Boots

Stone Golem

Set Effect:
Physical Defense +7%
Skill Shield Protection Rate +8% +1

-- 10:03, 1 July 2009 (UTC)Contributed By VampDevil

Lv 27 Combat Warrior (Soldier's Armor) Edit

Level Stats Soldier's Armor Set NPC Monster Preview
27 Icon Name
Combat Warrior's Heavy Armor

Stone Golem
Def:8 Combat Warrior's Gauntlets Iron Golem
Def:11 Combat Warrior's Boots Combat Warrior's Boots Iron Golem

Set Effect:
Physical Attack +6%
Strenght +7

Lv 34 Guardian's Combat Edit

Level Stats Guardian's Combat Outfit Monster Preview
34 Icon Name
Def: 46 Gaurdianscombatheavyarmor Guardian's Combat Heavy Armor Lava Golem Gaurdianscombatpreview
Def: 10 Gaurdianscombatgauntlets Guardian's Combat Gauntlets Gargoyle
Def: 13 Gaurdianscombatboots Guardian's Combat Boots Orc

Set Effect:
Physical Def +5%
Shield Prot Rate +10%, Skill rank +1

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