Patterns/molds are used to make items using Construction.
They can be obtained from monster drops, or can be created with construction.
Below you will find an overview of available patterns and where to obtain them.
On the pattern page is listed which items you can make with it, and what materials are needed.

Available PatternsEdit

Copper (Lv1 to Lv15 items)Edit

Copper Ingot Copper Ingot
Name Where to get it
Copper Pattern Mold Armor Copper Pattern Mold: Armor & Construction
Copper Pattern Mold Gauntlet Copper Pattern Mold: Gauntlets Goblin Warrior
Copper Pattern Mold Boots Copper Pattern Mold: Boots & Construction

Iron (Lv20 to Lv35 items)Edit

Iron Ingot Iron Ingot
Name Where to get it
Iron Pattern Mold Armor Iron Pattern Mold: Armor & Construction
Iron Pattern Mold Gauntlet Iron Pattern Mold: Gauntlets Construction
Iron Pattern Mold Boots Iron Pattern Mold: Boots & Construction

Steel (Lv40 to Lv55 items)Edit

Steel Ingot Steel Ingot
Name Where to get it
Steel Pattern Mold Armor Steel Pattern Mold: Armor & Construction
Steel Pattern Mold Gauntlet Steel Pattern Mold: Gauntlets Construction
Steel Pattern Mold Boots Steel Pattern Mold: Boots & Construction

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