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Gyer is a giant black bear found in Zakandia. He occasionally spawns southwest of the citynear a tree marked on the map. Starting in Zakandia, the Bosses will begin to spawn only on different channels, not all of them like the others. So if your having trouble finding him, just channel hop until he spawns.



Level 25 Attack Type Melee
HP 4941 Locations Zakandia
Gold 750 ~
Aggro Short Special Attacks Freeze Lv10
Boss Yes
Item Drop
based on .. kills
Equipment Drop
based on .. kills
  • Bull's Leather Helmet
  • Fox's Morning Star
  • Bear Leather Belt
  • Heavy Ax
  • Morning Star
  • Elephant's Saver
  • Elephant's Heavy Ax
Walk Quotes
Death Quotes
  • Help! I don't want to die like this!

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