Required Level:
Starting NPC:
Ending NPC:
Quest Chain:

1. Gourmet's Choice




I'm glad that you are here. I got a request which is really nonsense so I don't know what to do but I think that you can solve this. Will you get the things that I ask for? It you are okay.

Well, the Egg of the Wild Red Harpy is preferred by few epicures. They are freaks rather than epicures. Freaks! I don't want to do this but since it is a request, I can't refuse. Do you want to try?

Generally they keep their eggs at the nest but sometimes because of this kind of request, they carry their eggs underneath the feathers. You have to be careful not to break it. So it might be hard to get. Anyway, get me 5 of Harpy's egg.


I'm really sorry to make you do this...How is it going?

...You are really great. Anyways I will pay you what I promised. I have another request so visit me again after you get some rest.

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